Listed below are the Patriot ancestors of the White Alloe Chapter, NSDAR, Daughters, their DAR ancestor number, the state in which they served, and their service.

American Revolutionary War Patriots include signers of the Declaration of Independence, members of local and state militias, members of the Continental Army or Continental Navy, men and women who rendered other types of aid to the cause of American independence, and those taking oaths of loyalty. For a full listing of accepted American Revolutionary War services, please visit the NSDAR website.

With a few exceptions, military service began with the Battle of Lexington (April 19, 1775) and ended when the British evacuated New York (November 26, 1783). Patriots may have also provided civil service, conducting public business in the newly formed American states.

State of Service Glossary
CT — Connecticut
DE — Delaware
GA — Georgia
MD — Maryland
MA — Massachusetts
NH — New Hampshire
NJ — New Jersey
NY — New York
NC — North Carolina
PA — Pennsylvania
RI — Rhode Island
SC — South Carolina
VT — Vermont
VA — Virginia

Service Glossary
CAPT — Captain
CPL — Corporal
CS — Civil Service
ENS — Ensign
LT — Lieutenant
PS — Patriotic Service
PVT — Private
SGT — Sergeant
SOL — Soldier

Our American Revolutionary War Patriots
A001012, Daniel Alden, Sr., CT, CS, PS
A122819, John Blackman, Jr., CT, PVT, PS
A020214, Phineas Castle, CT, CAPT
A026424, John Couch, CT, CAPT, PS
A033413, David Doty, CT/NY, LT, PS
A044438, Enos Gary, CT, PVT
A054539, Samuel Hemingway, CT, CS
A086885, Abijah Pardee, CT, PVT
A086911, Jacob Pardee, CT, PS
A212895, Timothy Upson, CT, PS
A106650, Ebenezer Snow, DE, PVT
A205093, Otho French, MD, PS
A213046, Christina (Grindler) Hummel, MD, PS
A059720, John Hummel, MD, PS
A092430, Thomas Prather, MD, PS
A043536, Oldham Gates, MA, CPL
A111034, Thomas Sumner, MA, PVT
A115287, Samuel Tibbetts, MA, LT
New Jersey
A052531, John Hayden, NJ, PVT
A061747, John Jonas, NJ, PVT
A134473, Abraham Ludlam, NJ, PVT
A096700, Preserve Riggs, NJ, PS
A124568, Alexander White, NJ, CAPT
New York
A003844, Phineas Austin, NY, PVT
A024136, Elisha Cole, Sr., NY, PVT
A033538, Reuben Doty, NY, ENS, PS
A107201, Nathan Spicer, Sr., NY, PS
A115336, Joseph Ticknor, NY, PVT
North Carolina
A000511, Jacob Adams, NC, SOL
A022955, Thomas Atkinson, NC, PS
A014476, Charles Bright, NC, SGT
A028315, William Crowson, NC, PVT
A077334, John Melugin, NC, PVT, PS
A093400, Baxter Ragsdale, NC/VA, PVT
A095555, Isham Revis, NC, CS, PS
A106650, Ebenezer Snow, NC, PVT
A123422, Shadrach Weaver, NC, PVT
A008226, Dietrich Beaver, PA, PS
A008246, Nicholas Beaver, PA, PVT
A028620, Barnett Cunningham, PA, PVT
A043086, Martin Fry, PA, PVT, PS
A044271, Yost George, PA, PVT, PS
A055312, Nathan Hinkle, PA, PVT
A065125, Godfrey Kern, PA, PVT
A077076, Jacob Meek, PA/VA, PVT
A077452, Amos Mercer, PA, PVT
A084062, Constantine O'Neal, PA, PVT
A095205, George Reinhard, PA, PVT, PS
A101511, James Scott, PA, PVT
A110429, John Stockton, PA, CAPT
A110450, Thomas Stockton, PA, CS
A124374, Thomas Whitaker, PA, PVT
South Carolina
A112750, Josiah Tanner, SC, LT
A002488, Peter Anderson, VA, PS
A022955, Deedrick Clem, VA, SOL
A129980, Thomas Edwards, VA, LT
A052514, Joseph Haskins, VA, SOL
A055969, Richard Hill, VA, PS
A090986, Samuel Pickerill, VA, NONCOM
A098864, Samuel Roundtree, VA, PVT
A127119, Spencer Withers, VA, NONCOM
A130221, Robert Young, VA, CS